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Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

Lost In The Trees "Daunted Friend" Gets Remixed By All Tiny Creatures

The newly streamlined four-member version of LOST IN THE TREES made a great splash on their recent tour and sxsw appearances and they are hitting the road again. This time with Wisconsin based, ALL TINY CREATURES. In celebration of their cooperative expedition, ATC’s Tom Wincek has remixed “Daunting Friend” a favorite track from the new LOST IN THE TREES album, Past Life. Listen via Filter Magazine

Here’s what Tom Wincek had to say about their collaboration:

“We love the music of Lost in the Trees and really admire the direction they took with with Past Life; opting for a more streamlined, muscular sound while still maintaining the qualities that make them a great band. When Ari handed over the stems to Daunting Friend and told me to "really go for it”, we took him up on the challenge. We left everything but the main vocal and the structure of the song and rerecorded everything else. Even parts that ended up being very similar to the original (like the muted guitar lines and the bridge guitars, for example) we redid just so we could make it as dry and upfront sounding as possible. We also increased the tempo significantly in order to highlight a triple feel that was just under the surface. It was a real tricky song to lay out. Even though it seemingly stays in 4/4, it's constantly shifting between measures that have three beats, 4 beats, and a few cases 5 (something that the Trees naturally excel at). In the end I think we ended up with something that is pretty different than the original, but when you hear it there's no way it could be anyone other than Lost in the Trees. “

The new LOST IN THE TREES album Past Life, incorporates elements of experimental electronic music and 80s synth pop bands into leader Ari Picker’s distinctive classical-influenced melancholy songwriting; the new tracks immediately lend themselves to the creative possibilities of remixing….Expect this to be the first of many experimental collaborations from Ari Picker and crew.

Praise for LOST IN THE TREES’ Past Life:

Consequence of Sound
"A solid, interesting album that rewards close listening. Instead of relying on string accompaniment to elevate his music, Picker is stripping away excess and plumbing the depths. Past Life is a major stride forward for a very talented group who have until now only teased their potential."

Mother Jones
" Whether you try to decipher his poetry or simply absorb the unsettled vibe, misty tunes such as "Daunting Friend" and "Night Walking" get under the skin like an exotic itch."
"the songs carry in their most painful moments startling beauty, and in their sweetest notes the space for great loss."

" Picker sounds revivified, as if he's having more fun, and the feeling is mutual. After they've spent so long swirling high up in the rarified air, it's exciting to hear Lost in the Trees planting their music so firmly in the body, their feet on the ground, tapping."

"What was once an orchestral-folk six-piece is now an electro-rock foursome that values minimalism and pulsing grooves. But under the leadership of frontman Ari Picker, the North Carolina unit retains its richness."

4/15 Asheville, NC – The Mothlight
4/16 Nashville, TN – High Watt *
4/18 Chicago, IL – Schubas *
4/19 Milwaukee, WI – Cactus Club *
4/21 Madison, WI – Frequency *
4/22 Minneapolis, MN – 7th Street Entry *
4/23 Omaha, NE – Slowdown *
4/24 St Louis, MO – Old Rock House *
4/25 Hot Springs, AR – Low Key Arts
4/26 Dallas, TX – Three Links
4/27 Austin, TX – Holy Mountain
4/29 Houston, TX – Fitzgerald’s
4/30 New Orleans, LA – Gasa Gasa
5/1 Atlanta, GA – The Earl
5/2 Winston-Salem, NC – Krankies
5/6 Miami, FL – The Fillmore ~
5/7 Orlando, FL – Beacham Theater ~
5/8 Ponte Vedra, FL – Ponte Vedra Concert Hall ~

* with All Tiny Creatures
~ with The Head and the Heart

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