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Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Wilco 'The Whole Love' In Stores Today

Acclaimed Chicago rock band Wilco are back with their powerful and innovative new album The Whole Love. The LA Times proclaimed, "The Whole Love is the sound of a veteran band rejuvenated." The 12 new songs showcase an evolving and heartfelt sound that flawlessly compliments Jeff Tweedy's insightful lyrics.

iTunes features both a href="">Deluxe Edition and the href="">standard> digital download. Amazon offers the href="">Limited Deluxe Edition on CD as well as the href="">digital download. If you prefer to stop into a store to pick up a copy, you'll find the Deluxe Edition CD for just $14.99 and the standard CD for $9.99 in your local Best Buy!

Plus, visit the href="">ANTI Store to order The Whole Love on 180 gram vinyl.

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