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Islands - A Sleep & A Forgetting (Deluxe) No Crying


  • ISRC:USEP41129004
  • Recorded:2011 Kingsize Soundlabs - California, USA
  •  ©2012 Islands, under exclusive license to Anti, Inc.
  • Vocals, Guitar:Nick Thorburn
  • Guitar:Geordie Gordon
  • Bass:Evan Gordon
  • Drums, Percussion:Luc Laurent


I walked right in
I sat right down
listening to the saddest song
if i don't feel bad is there something wrong?

I sympathized, I synthesized
a tear drop from my tired eyes
but i don't feel sad & I cannot cry

and I won't cry for you
i'm not able to
she said "i don't mind, instead think of why"

the chorus wept, the bridge caved in
the verses stung your perfect skin
but i don't feel like it's touched my soul

so i climbed right in, listening
i got so close you'd think i'd been
bonded by a teary eye

but i won't cry for you
I'm not able to
she said "i don't mind instead think of why"

then i heard your voice sang just one note
the sweetest sound came from your throat
and i think i'll cry just a little while