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Xavier Rudd - Dark Shades of Blue Dark Shades Of Blue


  • ISRC:NLB390800012
  • Recorded:2008 Studios 301 - Byron Bay, AUS
  •  ©2008 Xavier Rudd / Salt X Rcords Ltd. Under Exclusive License To Anti Inc.
  • Choir, Chorus:Maxine Willard
  • Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Stomp Box:Xavier Rudd
  • Choir, Chorus:Carmel Echols
  • Choir, Chorus:Rob Giles
  • Choir, Chorus:Clydene Jackson
  • Background Vocals:Banula Marika
  • Choir, Chorus:Oren Water
  • Choir, Chorus:Wil Wheaton


So here we go and here it is again
The present time is so mysterious
I’m facing south, from northern hemisphere
The southern cross for now has disappeared

I place it inside my brain
And shield it with everything
I see it come into you
You paint dark shades of blue

So here I go just me and my old mind
At times removed up coming up inside
What present sends is so mysterious
It’s mine to fight come spirit come defend