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Os Mutantes - Haih or Amortecedor Nada Mudou


  • ISRC:BRB0P0900011
  • Recorded:2009
  •  ©2009 Anti Inc. Manufactured And Distributed By Epitaph
  • Vocals, Kier Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Egyptian Oud, Nylon Acoustic Guitar, 12 Strings, Hammond Organ, Cello, Orchestral Arrangements, Percussion, Harmonica:Sergio Dias
  • Drums, Percussion, Vocals:Dinho Leme
  • Vocals, Percussion:Bia Mendes
  • Vocals, Keyboards, Grand Piano, Hammond Organ:Henrique Peters
  • Vocals, Grand Piano:Fabio Recco
  • Percussion, Sound Design:Simone Sou
  • Bass, Piano Bass:Vinicius Junqueira
  • Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitars, Viola Caipira, Flute / Crazy flute, Kawala Flute, Cello, Violin, Clarinet, Keyboards, Orchestral Arrangements:Vitor Trida


I opened the window, the universe conspiring
She is spying on me
I heard the pan, dinner was ready
It was time to get back, time to land
Time to remember the dining room

I raced to the car, was getting late
Together at the altar
I kissed your lips, saw the girl turn
I left her at the door of illusion
I left her without knowing, without a yes, without a no

Think well till 36
It all happens, even without anyone
The sun came out, what did you do?

I see in the end that nothing changed
The world still turns and no-one stoped
All that was never left us
We are the story the world told
All that is opposite has become sound
I live in the after as now has come
I closed my eyes and life blinked

Close the window and the dishware
Has to be broken
I painted her eyes on a moonlight screen
And I saw the sun arrive and take her away
In the room, a pretty picture to hang up