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Man Man - Life Fantastic (Deluxe) Mayan Nights


  • ISRC:USEP41107010
  • Recorded:2010 ARC Studios
  •  ©2011 Anti Inc.
  • Vocals, Keys:Honus
  • Drums, Percussion:Pow
  • Horns, Synths:Chang
  • Guitar, Trumpet:Critter
  • Bass:T.Moth


every night he needs to party
like it's the end of time
when guilded mayans
descend from heavens
desire in their eyes
they'll raze the landscape
i'll raise a toast
fall wasted in strange arms
no back alley lobotomy
could tear me away from you

though i can feel it
from my head to my toes
the man i was you once loved is almost a ghost
i feel it from my bones to my marrow
the man i was you once loved is almost a shadow

doomed you are to the last drop

we used to drink
to make trouble and fun
but now to drink to forget we are drunks
and everybody needs somebody
to shovel their hurt on
logistics say
you burn all your bridges
the savages stop attacking your village
what's the point
what's the purpose
when you're left with a life that is pillaged

and i, i can feel it
the man i was you once loved is almost gone
and i, i can deal with it
the man i was was weak but now i'm strong
and i, i can live through this
the man i was lost but now i'm…