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Broken Twin - May If Pilots Go To Heaven


  • ISRC:NLB391400009
  • Recorded:2013 Morezax Studio, Everyday Recordings, Batz Studio,
  •  ©2014 Anti, Inc.
  • Piano, Vocals:Majke Voss Romme
  • Strings:Davide Rossi


I’ve come across the border
To be where you are
I almost regret that I’ve come this far
Here the ocean’s livid
Here the sky is raw
There’s something about the waters
Clinging to the shore
It all looks so familiar
Like I, I’ve been here before
Now the clouds are broken
You must have cut them up
I guess I wasn’t trained for this
I’m never quite enough
I’m only truly interested
In what I do not know
And I have seen this harbor
The archipelago
I came to see you
And I, I thought you’d know
If this is all you give
This is all there is
If all pilots go to heaven
It takes an ocean of belief
There’s something about the waters
Rushing into sea
Reminds me of a pattern
And all we couldn’t be