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Jolie Holland - Pint Of Blood Gold and Yellow


  • ISRC:USEP41114004
  • Recorded:2011 New York
  •  ©2011 Anti, Inc.
  • Vocals, Rhythm Guitar:Jolie Holland
  • Bass, Drums:Shahzad Ismaily
  • Guitar:Greg Gersten


Gold and yellow mermaid of the southern sea
Open up your honey'd lips and speak Spanish to me
Mi Hormiga y mi tia y mis primas Argentinas
Your dress is wet from the grass
and you give the bottle a pass
Oh ashes to ashes & gold to gold
The night is over before I'm tired & we grow cold
Motorcycle jacket and a pair of boots
from back when all the cowboys of Brooklyn had the blues
When I look into your eyes I can tell that your been crying- I'm gonna give the drummer his due
after I've had a few
Oh sweet baby Jesus, come & hold my hand
I know you told me- I tried so hard to understand
Drive all night & listen to the gamelon
A 1,000 bells are ringing as we make it to the dawn
All a tremble and a shiver as you climb out of the river
And we sing a lullahallo to our friends from long ago
Oh satin is satin & gold is gold
You come unfasted- I come unravelled
But we talk hold