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Jolie Holland - Pint Of Blood Tender Mirror


  • ISRC:USEP41114003
  • Recorded:2011 New York
  •  ©2011 Anti, Inc.
  • Vocals, Piano:Jolie Holland
  • Guitar, Organ, Percussion, Bass:Shahzad Ismaily


What I got, They ain't got
I got something- I got alot
What I lost in a broken sphere
I'll find in a tender mirror
In the Love from the heart

What he's got he's got it to spare
They can't hold a candle there
They're lost without a spark
What she's got she's got it in spades

Cast Adrift on the rolling waves
Rocking out on the stormy sea
Her spirit comes to me
In the love from the heart
I'm not in Love with a Stranger Anymore

I slipped out of the spell-You can go to hell
If that's what your headed for
Unintelligible cries of an animal in the night

Mean more to my ear than the noise I hear
Your trying to get it right
That's fine-You know-I'm so happy that your're gone
All the bells ring out we can sing & shout
& drink& carry on in the love from the heart
In the Love from the Heart