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So Much Light Idiot Soul

So Much Light - Idiot Soul
  • Release date: October 2, 2015
  • Label: Anti/Epitaph
  • Recording year: 2015
  • UPC/EAN Code: 45778741861
  • ©2015 Anti, Inc.
  • ℗2015 Anti, Inc.
Release Tracks

About So Much Light's Idiot Soul

Anti- is thrilled to announce the signing of soulful young singer-songwriter and guitar virtuoso, So Much Light (aka Damien Verrett). In celebration of the signing, the Northern California native is also releasing a powerful five-song EP entitled Idiot Soul. The EP features four original tracks and an acoustic retelling of Drake’s “Connect”.

Download or stream the Idiot Soul EP here:

Using a flood of inviting melody over lush instrumental backdrops, the intuitive and soulful crooner immediately engulfs and captivates the listener. His carefully-calibrated production yields an expressive combination of character and charisma that embodies So Much Light’s aesthetic credo as a whole.

Despite the seemingly serious melodic intent of Idiot Soul (a DIY production recorded mostly in Verrett’s bedroom), the tracks are punctuated by a self-deprecating sarcasm, clever word play and sardonic observations, presented like an elbow to the rib of millennial shortcomings. The quintessential example appears in the track "Soap Box," when Verrett comments on American mass marketing culture by asking ‘why become a god when you could be a brand?’ But Beyond Verrett’s tongue-in-cheek self-awareness lies an imaginative and innovative artist.

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