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Andy Shauf Jenny Come Home

Andy Shauf - Jenny Come Home
  • Release date: October 16, 2015
  • UPC/EAN Code: 45778745685

About Andy Shauf's Jenny Come Home

ANTI- is excited to announce the signing of a talented young singer-songwriter named Andy Shauf. A self-produced multi-instrumentalist, Shauf captivated listeners and press with the affecting songs from his album The Bearer of Bad News, recorded in the basement of a home in Regina in the vast Canadian province of Saskatchewan. Exclaim writes, “Shauf is a more mature songwriter than his age suggests, effortlessly creating an atmosphere of pensive gloom that somehow also beautifully delicate and spacious,”while Big Takeover offers, “I actually find the way Shauf creates characters and environments to be a lot similar to someone like Bob Dylan.”

Shauf’s songs possess a sound that is both familiar - many reviews reference Elliott Smith - and yet there is also something new there, in the words and the unique instrumentation. While there are guitars, bass and drums, there is also a clarinet utilized in a way you have doubtfully heard before. “It just has a unique tone or voice to it that nothing else really has,” Shauf says of the instrument.

Fans of Shauf will hear a noticeable shift in sound on new single “Jenny Come Home,”a jangly, upbeat track unlike anything he’s delivered to date. Shauf delivers a narrative from the perspective of a man who is cheating on his partner and gets caught, masked in luscious production and clarinets recorded by Shauf in Regina’s Studio One and mixed by Rob Schnapf (Kurt Vile, Beck, The Vines). The sound is a lilting and entirely captivating pop that manages to simultaneously convey a yearning and unfolding heartache.

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