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So Much Light

So Much Light

In a small suburban bedroom, So Much Light was born, an amalgam of man and character, story and history, natural and manipulated. Using his voice as a tool for progress, Verrett effectively pushes the boundaries of what pop music should sound like--and what it should say. Combining Drake’s vulnerability, the vocal affectation of The Weeknd and Jack Antonoff’s musical production prowess, Verrett created a socially conscious full-length debut, Oh, Yuck.

Utilizing both acoustic and electronic sounds, Oh, Yuck is wrought with textural soundscapes grounded by programmed orchestral compositions, sprightly guitar lines and thrashing drums. Lyrically, Verrett puts traditional R&B tropes in a funhouse mirror and warps the genre’s bravado into a parody of itself.

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  • Tue, May 8
    Cambridge, United States
    The Sinclair
  • Wed, May 9
    New York, United States
    The Bowery Ballroom
  • Thu, May 10
    Washington, United States
    U Street Music Hall

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