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  • Pops Staples

    Pops Staples

    Don’t Lose This, an album of previously-unreleased music by the late Pops Staples with new production by Mavis Staples and Jeff Tweedy of Wilco, will be released on dBpm/Anti- Records on Feb. 17. The album features 10 songs, originally recorded and produced by Pops in 1999, but left ...

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  • Curtis Harding (EU/AUS/NZ Only)

    Curtis Harding (EU/AUS/NZ Only)

    Soul isn't a feeling, a sound or a movement. It's a connection, a current in the air -- the spark of recognition, emotions leaping across live wires. It's the way a sinewy bassline steers your hips and eyes to the stranger across the club. It's how a ...

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  • Title Fight

    Title Fight

    Title Fight will release a new album called Hyperview on February 3, 2015 on Anti-. Watch the video for a new song "Chlorine" at THE FADER now. Title Fight is a band from Kingston, Pa, comprised of bassist/vocalist Ned Russin, guitarist/vocalist Jamie Rhoden, guitarist Shane Moran, and drummer ...

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