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6:04 "Heart Sweats"

Japandroids - "Heart Sweats"

4:26 "It Was Me"

Deradoorian - "It Was Me"

4:22 "Don't Let Me Disappear"

Ben Harper - "Don't Let Me Disappear"

6:17 "False Alarms"

Josiah Johnson - "False Alarms"

3:32 "Something In Return" (Live)

Christopher Paul Stelling - "Something In Return" (Live)

10:54 "The Slowest Rendition"

The Dream Syndicate - "The Slowest Rendition"

3:08 "Get The Old Band Back Together"

Christian Lee Hutson - "Get The Old Band Back Together"

4:10 "Mother's Son" (Lyric Video)

Prism Tats - "Mother's Son" (Lyric Video)

3:45 "The Wine of Lebanon"

Cass McCombs - "The Wine of Lebanon"

13:59 “Take Yer Meds!!” (A Guided Meditation)

The Drums - “Take Yer Meds!!” (A Guided Meditation)

3:22 "Don't Let Me Get Away"

Hey, King! - "Don't Let Me Get Away"

2:14 "Dallas 1963" (Lyric Video)

Darrin Bradbury - "Dallas 1963" (Lyric Video)

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