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Thursday, December 2nd, 2004

'Genius' Izzard thrilled with star chart.

Funnyman EDDIE IZZARD was thrilled to hear he was born to be a genius when a top American astrologist read his charts on TV show LAST CALL.

SUSAN MILLER joined Izzard as a guest on MTV host CARSON DALY's late night chat show and proceeded to tell the transvestite comic his chart was "extraordinary".

The Brit was stunned when Miller told him, "All these planets are all in the same sign of Aquarius and when I was little, learning astrology from my mom, she said in this formation a genius would be born. You have a big destiny."

But Miller also hinted at the fact Izzard, like many comedians, suffers from bouts of depression when things aren't going well for him.

She added, "When you have a conglomeration like this, when life is good its great, absolutely spectacular, but when it's bad it's horrid."

A shocked Izzard said, "You want your chart to be positive but I've got to live up to that now."

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