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Monday, February 13th, 2006

Jolie Holland to release Springtime Can Kill You

Acclaimed singer-songwriter’s third album due May 9; Sneak-peek at South-by-Southwest showcase March 17

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Acclaimed singer-songwriter Jolie Holland today announced the May 9, 2006 release of Springtime Can Kill You, her third release for Anti- Records. Following in the steps of her lauded 2003 basement-tapes Catalpa and 2004’s studio-debut Escondida, the new album takes Holland’s sepia-toned, song noir to a transcendent level.

Springtime’s 12 track song-cycle is a crossroads where haunting meets joyful—a voice from the heavens singing stories of the underworld. Holland’s songs rise and fall like heavy eyelids and convey the peace of that place between asleep and awake, creating a special place for you to be. There sounds from past and present-tense waltz together to a never-ending melody that flickers between folk, jazz, blues and pop. Holland’s lyrics conjure characters and situations one might find in the surrealistic celluloid of Jim Jarmusch. As with all good dreams, there is an anything-goes spirit leading the way. Its this level of bravado that prompted All Music Guide to describe Holland’s sound as “a listening experience that is singular, startling, and soulful.”

Holland says its the first time she wrote songs specifically for an album and the first time she wrote specifically for a band, she goes on to say, “I even wrote myself out of a few songs, so I could work solely as a singer.” To achieve Springtime’s lush sound in the studio, Holland and band recorded live to tape for much of the album. To further the environment of spontaneity, she invited an audience of friends to the studio for the tracking of several songs. The album’s rich tones swirling through Holland’s unique storytelling creates both a departure from reality and a reminder of the beauty humans can create.

When asked about the song-cycle aspect of the album, Holland says that she doesn’t want to beat people over the head with the concept of the album, “if you really listen, you will hear the threads of the song-cycle; crazy dreams, moonshine, mockingbirds...springtime can kill you. Its a pilgrim's progress through the horrors of lust...interspersed with songs of true friendship."

Holland will preview tracks from Springtime Can Kill You on March 17 at the Cedar Street Courtyard in Austin, Texas (details below). There will also be two pre-tour warm up shows at Largo in Los Angeles, April 5th and 26th. From there, she plans to tour North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand through 2006 and continue her genre-hopping guest appearances. Last year, she appeared onstage with hip-hop artist Sage Francis and she also sang on several songs for Bad Religion singer Greg Graffin’s upcoming solo album. We can only guess what the rest of 2006 holds for this diverse talent.

Springtime Can Kill You track listing:

1. A Crush in the Ghetto 2. Mehitabel's Blues 3. Springtime Can Kill You 4. Crazy Dreams 5. You're Not Satisfied 6. Stubborn Beast 7. Please Don't 8. Moonshiner 9. Ghostly Girl 10. Nothing to do but Dream 11. Adieu False Heart 12. Mexican Blue

South-by-Southwest showcase: Friday, March 17 at the Cedar Street Courtyard. Jolie goes on at 10:30 p.m., following Billy Bragg.

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