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Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Lost In The Trees Announces Fall Tour Dates

Chapel Hill musical collective Lost in the Trees will be traveling North America in support of their powerful and critically heralded Anti- Records debut All Alone In An Empty House. Led by composer, songwriter and musician Ari Picker, Lost In The Trees creates a riveting and refreshingly original sound by merging the emotionally potent elements of classical music with the intimacy of American folk and pop. The album is equally striking for its poetic lyrical imagery.

Lost In The Trees recently visited Rock Island, Ill. to perform an inspired four song Daytrotter Session entitled "An Old House, An Old Hurt" featuring the songs; "All Alone In An Empty House," "Walk Around The Lake," "Song For The Painter," "An Artists Song." To read the description and hear this incredible performance, just visit Daytrotter at:

The response from both audiences and critics to the group's album and recent live shows, featuring a consortium of violins, cellos, electric guitars, drums and much more, has been one of overwhelming praise:

Critical Acclaim For Lost In The Trees:

"North Carolinian singer-composer Ari Picker has Nick Drake speaking to him in one ear and Handel whispering in the other. His Lost in the Trees debut is spellbinding in its musical ambition, touching in its intimacy, and often overwhelming in its emotional honesty. Lost in the Trees is verging on creating a new genre of music. Call it neoclassical folk or acoustic pops, because Lost in the Trees turns the coffee house into the orchestra pit. "All Alone in an Empty House" may keep both genres alive for another hundred years." -

You're about to listen to my surprise album of the year. I'd never heard of Lost in the Trees, didn't know what I was in for, but in just one listen I knew I'd found a new friend. Lost in the Trees is the music of Ari Picker, a songwriter from Chapel Hill on a bit of a mission: Take a pinch of the brilliance found in classical music and mix it with his own. Lost in the Trees is orchestral folk where the "orchestral" part isn't an afterthought. This is mighty potent stuff. The lyrics heard in the title track are taken from arguments Picker's parents had in the house he grew up in. But this isn't a data dump of depression; it's a record filled with hope and spirit." - Bob Boilen/NPR Music

The band unplugged their instruments, hopped off the stage, and played a stirring rendition of "Time Taunts Me." From his spot in the middle of the floor, Ari lead the crowd in a beautiful sing-a-long with the ardor of a street corner evangelist desperate to save souls. I, for one, left the room a convert. - Brooklyn Vegan

Be sure to catch this extraordinary new band on their upcoming North American Tour...

Lost In The Trees Tour Dates:

9/21/2010, PITTSBURGH, PA, Thunderbird Café 9/22/2010, OBERLIN, OH, Cat in the Cream Coffeehouse @ Oberlin College 9/23/2010, STATE COLLEGE, PA, Venue TBD 9/24/2010, SCHENECTADY, NY, Indie at The Eighth Step 9/25/2010, HAMILTON, ON, Supercrawl 9/26/2010, WATERLOO, ON, Venue TBD 9/27/2010, TORONTO, ON, The Drake Hotel 9/29/2010, MONTREAL, QC, Casa del Popolo (Pop Montreal) 9/30/2010, BURLINGTON, VT Venue TBD 10/1/2010, WORCESTER, MA Venue TBD 10/2/2010, NORTHAMPTON, MA, Venue TBD 10/3/2010, CAMBRIDGE, MATT the Bear's 10/5/2010, PHILLY, PA, Venue TBD 10/6/2010, NEW YORK, NY, Joe's Pub - Happy Ending Reading Series 10/7/2010, BROOKLYN, NY, Venue TBD 10/8/2010, WASHINGTON, DC, Venue TBD 10/9/2010, CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, Branch Tea Bazaar 10/10/2010, BALTIMORE, MD, Metro Gallery 10/12/2010, HARRISONBURG, VA, Venue TBD 10/13/2010, CHARLOTTE, NC Venue TBD 10/14/2010, GREENSBORO, NC Venue TBD 10/15/2010, SPARTANBURG, SC Venue TBD 10/16/2010, COLUMBIA, SC Venue TBD 10/17/2010, CHARLESTON, WV Venue TBD

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