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Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

Man Man To Play Coachella, All Tomorrow's Parties and announce European Tour Dates

Hide your houseplants cuz Man Man is continuing their global subjugation. After an appearance at Coachella, the pied pipers of Philly will be bringing their joyful mayhem, first to All Tomorrow's Parties, then to the rest of The Continent.

05.09.08 All Tomorrow's Parties Festival Rye, East Sussex (UK) 05.10.08 All Tomorrow's Parties Festival Rye, East Sussex (UK) 05.12.08 Crawdaddy, Dublin (Ireland) 05.13.08 Cargo, London (UK) 05.14.08 The Phoenix, Manchester (UK) 05.15.08 Start The Bus, Bristol (UK) 05.17.08 La Nuit De Botanique Festival, Brussels (Belgium) 05.18.08 Rotown, Rotterdam (Netherlands) 05.19.08 Voxhall, Aarhus (Denmark) 05.20.08 Loppen, Copenhagen (Denmark) 05.21.08 Henriksberg, Goteborg (Sweden) 05.22.08 Garage, Oslo (Norway) 05.23.08 Debaser, Stockholm (Sweden) 05.24.08 KB, Malmo (Sweden) 05.25.08 Knaack, Belin (Gemany) 05.26.08 FZW, Dortmund (Germany) 05.27.08 PMK, Innsbruck (Austria) 05.28.08 La Casa 139, Milan (Italy) 05.30.08 Primavera Sound Festival, Barcelona (Spain) 05.31.08 Le Ciel, Grenoble (France) 06.01.08 La Cave A Musique, Macon (France) 06.02.08 Nouveau Casino, Paris (France) 06.03.08 Paradiso, Amsterdam (Netherlands) 06.04.08 Doornroosje, Nijmegen (Netherlands) 06.05.08 Vera, Groningen (Netherlands) 06.07.08 La Terra Trema Festival, Cherbourg (France)

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