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Thursday, December 11th, 2008


Song available for free download now, exclusively at href="" target="_blank">iLike

Michael Franti & Spearhead's "Obama Song," a tribute to the president elect Barack Obama, is available now for free download (MP3 format), exclusively at href="" target="_blank">>. The song, featuring Michael Franti, Solliloquists of Sound, Cherine Anderson, and Anthony B, is a celebration of the hope and optimism that has filled the hearts and minds of the country ever since the words uttered on the campaign trail, "Yes We Can." It is also yet another example of how Michael utilizes his music to effectively convey his message of peace, joy and hope.

Featuring Michael's unique sound, "Obama Song"'s lyrics will resonate with all those that were similarly moved by Obama's message of peace, unity, and hope.

As a socially conscious singer-songwriter, Franti has grown up in public as his message has evolved from one of youthful frustration to a more mature determination to find common ground. Franti's live performances are a musically electrifying and unifying experience, marked by a genuine openheartedness, a commitment to communication, and a greater sense of community.

Michael Franti & Spearhead are currently touring in support of their sixth studio album All Rebel Rockers. Charged with "infectious hooks, catchy choruses, stellar musicianship, top flight production and a mix of politically relevant and fun lyrics" All Rebel Rockers demonstrates that music is the driving force in Michael's creative world.

For a free download of "Obama Song" go to href="" target="_blank">>.

For more information on Michael Franti, please visit href="" target="_blank">

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