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Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

OUT TODAY: Lyrics Born and Billy Bragg

Lyrics Born's Anti debut Everywhere at Once is both a groovy instant dance party and a testament to the industrious multi-tasker's vida loca. Never resting on his laurels and always changing shit up, the MC, producer, label exec and non-stop live performer switched directions again, forgoing the usual samples/drum machine route and instead recording with his live band. Vibe writes, "he sounds transformed- festive and celebratory, his smarts undiminished."

Britian's best loved socialist Billy Bragg today released Mr. Love and Justice, his first record in six years. A deluxe version is also available that contains the whole record performed by Billy with just his electric guitar. Mojo called it "warmer, less blustery, more soulful," and Spin writes "Bragg gets the balance of message and music just about right." See for yourself.

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