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Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Pre-Order Grinderman 2

The first thing that hits you about Grinderman 2 is that you've never heard anything like it. The debut album did its job. It defined the band. It marked a clear contrast with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. Nick, Warren, Martyn & Jim have forged a distinctly different way of working together. They cast off musical baggage, shrugged off accepted wisdom, and tested pre-conceptions about who they were as musicians. In the process, they took to the Bad Seeds hallowed legacy with a baseball bat. Their new album, Grinderman 2 combines the structured invention of their live performance and the unrestrained free-for-all of their studio improvisation. The album doesn't hit stores until September 14th, but is now available for pre-order at the ANTI Store.

Grinderman 2 LP

This Includes:

- Grinderman 2 LP on black vinyl - 56 page deluxe booklet - Incredible fold out poster - Grinderman 2 on CD

Grinderman 2 CD

This Includes:

- Grinderman 2 limited edition deluxe CD - 56 page deluxe booklet - Incredible fold out poster

Head over to the ANTI Store today to pre-order your copy of Grinderman 2!

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