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Thursday, November 11th, 2010

'The Falcon Lake Incident' - The Weakerthans With Jim Bryson

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While technically Jim Bryson's 4th album, the href="">ANTI Store is offering The Falcon Lake Incident for the obvious fact that The Weakerthans are the backing band, from John K. Samson's backing vocals all the way down.

Recorded in sub-zero temperatures at Falcon Lake, on the border of The Weakerthans home in Manitoba and Bryson's home of Ontario, this showcases Bryson's beloved folk as the centerpiece that is backed by The Weakerthans. You get the feeling that more records need to be created by five incredibly talented guys locked together in a cabin in the middle of a Canadian winter.

This is the only place where The Falcon Lake Incident is being offered for the US and is available on CD and 180 gram vinyl.

Get the CD href="">here>!

Get the vinyl href="">here>!

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