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Thursday, February 28th, 2008

Tim Fite "Big Mistake" on! Check it out...

Tim Fite, Little-T of One Track Mike fame, is dissecting a "Big Mistake." It's the first track off Fair Ain't Fair, the Brooklyn-via-New Brunswick singer-songwriter's second album for Anti-, which comes out in May. The song has a languid, cowpoke-tinged feel to it, but bubbles with various strains of bleeps and shouts streaming beneath the surface. The lyrics start out as a game of one-upmanship ("show me your reddest rose and I'll show you one redder," etc.) that seemingly culminate in the central hook -- "Everyone gets to make one big mistake / And if you're waitin' on me, well I'll guess you're gonna have to wait" -- until Fite admits he's just waiting to fuck up "in the most spectacular way." Musically, it makes us think of Uncle Cracker (seriously) and Eels with a slight Animal Collective inseam. We know you'll doubt that last one, so please squint your ears when you get to the 3/4 yelps and loop-y "lie, lie, lie" hollers. -

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