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Thursday, April 21st, 2005

Tom Waits tracks now on!

Here's a very quick and easy way to help War Child, the charity that works with the many children affected by conflict around the world.

Tom Waits tracks are now available on href="" target="_blank"> for a very competitive £7.99, or 99p per track. Each individual back catalogue track raises 20p, and albums up to £1.50 for War Child. Also, you can download our exclusive Tom Waits track “Baby Gonna Leave Me” at href="" target="_blank">

Whilst at the site you can download from 's catalogue of exclusive tracks. This includes music unavailable elsewhere from Radiohead, The Bravery, Bjork, Tom Waits and many others. Because these tracks are exclusive to href="" target="_blank"> the charity gets even more money - 70 pence per track.

War Child is currently rehabilitating child soldiers in DR Congo, operating a music therapy project in Bosnia, reconstructing livelihoods in Iraq and working with juvenile offenders in Afghanistan.

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