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Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Album Art and Tracklisting Revealed For New Roky Erickson Album

The artwork and song list for legendary musician Roky Erickson's startling new album True Love Cast Out All Evil has just been disclosed. The art direction was done by Will Sheff who produced the album and whose acclaimed band Okkervil River backed Erickson in the studio. The cover features a stark Todd Wolfson portrait of Erickson. The album comes out on 04/20 on Anti-Records.

The track list for Love Cast Out All Evil:

1. Devotional Number One
2. Ain't Blues Too Sad
3. Goodbye Sweet Dreams
4. Be and Bring Me Home
5. Bring Back the Past
6. Please Judge
7. John Lawman
8. True Love Cast Out All Evil
9. Forever
10. Think Of As One
11. Birds'd Crash
12. God Is Everywhere

Will Sheff was recently in Austin hanging out with Roky and they were followed around by a videographer. You can view a suitably impressionistic snippet of them at the legendary Austin store Toy Joy here.

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