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Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Booker T Reflects on Black History Month 2-9-09

Booker T. Reflects on Black History Month

Soul legend Booker T., whose new album Potato Hole comes out April 21st, has posted a moving entry on Anti- Records' website discussing what Black History Month means to him in this historic year. With a long history of living outside racial boundaries - Booker T. and the MGs had both black and white members at a time when much of the country was integrating only under the protection of the National Guard - Booker T.'s was the perfect voice to bring attention to Black History Month on the Anti blog.

In his piece, Booker T. writes: "In September '08, weeks before the election, while walking in Washington DC with my wife Nan, I was struck with an awareness I had never had before. It was as though I knew, with an unreal sense of certainty, of a real estate transaction that was about to transpire. And I was walking on that very piece of real estate. We were walking from the Lincoln Memorial towards the Capitol Building on the Mall...on this same soil, I was walking, and remembering hymns written by Mrs. Lucy Campbell, and sung by the likes of Mahalia Jackson and Martin Luther King, that said this too shall pass. I, a black male, was walking un-accosted, with my wife, who has white skin. And so, I knew, true to the dreams and instructions of the white men who wrote that inspired document that got us started, anything was possible."

Read the full entry here:

And check out the track "Warped Sister" from Potato Hole on Pitchfork here:

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