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Marketa Irglova - Anar For Old Times' Sake


  • ISRC:IEABQ1100009
  • Recorded:2011 Soma Studios - Chicago, IL
  •  ©2011 Anti Inc.
  • Daf, Vocals:Aida Shahghasemi
  • Electric Guitar:Rob Bochnik
  • Vocals:Zohreh Shayesteh
  • Saxophone:Jake Clemons
  • Trumpet:Jaimie Branch
  • Trombone:Jeb Bishop
  • Drums:Frank Rosaly
  • Cello:Fred Lonberg Holm
  • Vocals, Piano, Acoustic Guitar:Marketa Irglova
  • Bass, Electric Guitar:Tim Iseler


Hold me tight, but
just for tonight

And not as tight
as before, we're not that close anymore

As least not in
that way,

We've drifted
further apart with each day.

We have waited it

Just to see if we
could love one another casually.

But Ii've been a
good friend to you,

I've always been
there for you.

You say you don't

Where did the
people we used to be go.

You say you don't

What ever made
made me let go of your hand.

But you never
asked me to stay, and

If you wanted me
to, you did not say.

Now for old times

Go ahead and
repeat that mistake

Cause the moment
is past now.

I've stopped
counting the days,


Let it be what it

Though we never
intended for it to turn into this.

We had something
good, it did not last

Let's not be
constantly re-living the past.

I have nothing but
love for you,

Though you've often

How that could be

Well you better
start believing me if you ever wish to see yourself free

From this long and
drawn-out process of letting go.

All this grief and
regret has kept your spirit low.