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Peter Silberman - Impermanence Gone Beyond

Peter Silberman - Impermanence

Tracks on this album

  • ISRC:USEP41638003
  • Recorded:2016 People Teeth - Saugerties, NY
  •  ©2017 Peter Silberman, under exclusive license to Anti


I’m listening for you, Silence,
but god, there’s so much noise.
And now I fear I’ve found you,
you’re partially destroyed.
I echo in your absence,
voiceless as a swan.
I want you to hear what I hear,
This sound that I found
to replace you while you were gone,
gone beyond…
With folded legs you hold me,
and smiling, calmly mime,
“You worry nothing’s happening,
you’re happening all the time!
So shaken by these changes,
but trying to waltz along…
I want you to hear what I hear:
A tempo, ticking away, beating bygone,
gone beyond…”