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Christopher Paul Stelling - Labor Against Waste Revenge

  • ISRC:USEP41504002
  • Recorded:2015 The Columbus Theatre - Providence, RI & The Hook S
  •  ©2015 Anti, Inc.


- you can drag my name through bleach and muddy water see if i don’t still call you a friend until the dying ends - and if you ever though you were in for nasty weather I’d say go on and build a shelter out of my bones and skin - it’s just fine if you’re not sorry I’m afraid I may be in time, try so hard to want for nothing not a damn thing is mine, although the thought you at times make me cringe - there ain’t no sweetness in revenge, no - you lined our bed with razors and barbed wire thinking if and when you still desire I’d lay down with you like a fool - heard it said it’s best to let the wicked all just fall on their own snares but it’s hard to know the difference though when we both just been so cruel - i’m not talking bout a forgiveness that only serve me - i’m talking about forgiving all i thought we could be and i know sometimes i fly off the hinge - and there ain’t no sweetness in revenge, no - you left me gagged and bound and stranded on a dusty lonesome desert highway just to find when you got home i was sitting waiting there for you - heard you say under your breath this boy just don’t know when to quit, when it comes to standing by your side ain’t much more i’d rather do - now i’m black and blue and bloody from this war i’ll never win and I’m tired and defeated everybody’s heard my spin i just hope the end is where the better things begin, and there ain’t no sweetness in revenge, no -