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Sean Rowe - Magic The Walker


  • ISRC:USGMY0910007
  • Recorded:2009 Collar City Sound - Troy, NY
  •  ©2010 Anti Inc.
  • Vocals, Acoustic Guitar:Sean Rowe
  • Backing Vocals:Cara May Gorman
  • Bass, Piano:Troy Pohl
  • Cello:Monica Wilson Roach


I picked up a doe from the side of the road and she
was gone
I made a pair of shoes from the skin on her back and
she lives on

I was digging for gold in the rubble of a
Catholic church
I found I wine bottle and a cardboard box that
I had to search

I found a blue bandana in a rusted out garbage can
while everybody thinking themselves to death I just
use my hands

I should keep this little Jesus
he got his hands on his sacred heart
but I can only fit the holy spirit in this shopping cart

I see a million empty faces on their way to a living hell
I see them fall out of the DMV in a satanic spell

I never chose to sell my soul just to pay the bills
I never had that kind of a job and I never will

oh no, I'm not up to much
I'm just walking around