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Cass McCombs - Mangy Love In A Chinese Alley


  • ISRC:USEP41613009
  • Recorded:2016
  •  ©2016 Anti
  • Bass:Dan Horne
  • Drums:Jesse Lee
  • Vocals, Guitar:Cass McCombs
  • Piano, Keys:Lee Pardini
  • Percussion:Joe Russo


In a chinese alley
in February
I found a frozen girl
under ice

In a chinese alley
in February
you can find all sorts of things
like a box
inside a box
inside another box

Dry cleaner window
covered in a film
of white
chemical salt
black exhaust

Brigid straddled
her space heater
on her leg
a handmade tattoo
of a straight line

She tells me not to
belabor too long
why the cold
gets me hard as a statue

She hanged by a tune
above the organ
“A tune for we have
nothing else”
singing sweet
while her universe
went missing

You got to make your own music
from inside a chinese box
we sipped on the fell laughter
of green tea

Nobody staying
too long
there at
the crossroads
drone taxis
pointed in the direction
of a bridge
to evil

Goodnight love
love goodnight
goodnight love
love goodnight