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Andy Shauf - The Party To You

  • ISRC:USEP41541009
  • Recorded:2015 Studio One - Regina, Saskatchewan
  •  ©2016 Andy Shauf, under exclusive license to Anti


Jeremy can we talk a minute?
I’ve got some things
that I need to get off of my chest

I know that we’ve had a few
and it’s far too late
but if I wait I might never tell you

can’t we find somewhere quiet
let’s go outside
I’ve got some smokes if you’ve got a light

it’s just that sometimes when I’m by your side
it feels so right
it feels like nothing could go wrong
does it ever feel like that to you?

oh I don’t know what I mean
that sounded wrong
man I’m just high, I’m not being weird

I just mean that you’re a good friend
it’s hard to explain
just forget I said anything

oh get over yourself
I’m not in love with you
it just came out all wrong

yeah tell the guys
and laugh it up
why am I even surprised?

that it never feels like that to you
I guess it never feels like that to you