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Rain Machine - Rain Machine Leave The Lights On

  • ISRC:USEP40918010
  • Recorded:2009 Staygold Studio / Live Oak Studio
  •  ©2009 Anti Inc.


Oh Joe,
No wonder
Darkness covers
these holes,
So lions won't know where they fall.
Where we come from
there's a cardboard god,
turned paperdoll.
Barely standing on it's throne.

How long
Since your star
Rose to that vantage ah?

Daniel and Chi Chi
slow dance so sweetly
that angels
won't leave them alone.
Baby can't stand
when her crazy old man
can't stop singing songs!
Is a comfort round these parts,
Invites a sweetness into hearts!

You caught this lion,
now stop it's cryin',
leave it quiet like a stove top mouse
with grain in it's jaw.
Can't sleep standin'
been caught red handed,
Hardon, blood drippin' mouth,
Blood on my paw,
Blood on my paw,
Blood on my paws!

Your star shines bright and soft
So keep the lights off,
Can't feel no pathos through their glow.
Oh Jo Oh Lie
Keep hold of me
and don't let go.

Darkness is comfort round these parts.