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Sean Rowe - The Salesman and the Shark Flying

  • ISRC:USEP41218003
  • Recorded:2012
  •  ©2012 Anti, Inc.


There was a time I could not cry
But that has left me now
For 7 years I could not dream
But now that's done

There were songs I could no sing
Words I could not know
But now they found me on a bridge
And they broke my heart

There was a way I used to talk
I cannot recognize
And now my language cannot give me what I need
I tore it from my bible and I kept it from my gob
I would not lose to junkies on the street

It hit me so hard
I could not see
That shot was only meant for me
And all the faces that I knew
They were lying

When the hard road went back to sand
And with the wheel still in my hand
I built a highway out of dust
And I was flying