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Calexico - Splitter (Single) Splitter

Calexico - Splitter (Single)

Tracks on this album


  • ISRC:USEP41226002
  • Recorded:2012 The Living Room Studio - Algiers, LA
  •  ©2012 Anti, Inc.
  • Drums, Percussion, Vibraphone:John Convertino
  • Vocals, Guitars, Upright Bass, Piano, Vibes, Keys, Accordion:Joey Burns
  • Trumpet, Vibes, Vocals:Jacob Valenzuela
  • Trumpet, Vibes, Wurlitzer, Sampled Strings, Accordion, Theremin:Martin Wenk
  • Upright Bass, Electric Bass:Volker Zander
  • Tenor & Baritone Saxophone:Jason Mingledorff


Through the gardens and fields ‘neath the tall green grass
You were walking ‘neath the moon while covering your tracks
Working your fingers down to the skin and stone

One hand on the hammer, one foot by the door
Pushed by the wind fed by the need for moving on,
Moving on to nowhere

When division runs deep and down into the well
All the coins you dove after lost all their spell
Covered in moss walking for silver and blood

Out in the cafe, working in the grove
Guarding the port of the future you sold

Holding on, holding on to no one
Holding on, holding on to no one

One eye in the mirror, the other on the screen
Sewn in the pockets and down into the dream
Caught up in the mortar, bricks and heavy load

Wait in the shadows down the living road
Moving on, moving on to no one
Holding on, holding on to no one