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Saintseneca - Uppercutter (Single) Visions

Saintseneca - Uppercutter (Single)

Tracks on this album

  • ISRC:USEP41316012
  • Recorded:2013
  •  ©2013 Anti, Inc.


Had I in my right mind left alone visage devoid of flesh and bone?

When I wasn't 16
I used to see strange things
some vaguely resembling ghosts or spectral hosts

I was always fond of the notion
I was drenched in some spirit ocean
And all my visions merely the symptom of eyes open so wide
That I could peer into the other side

You're the freckles all along the hairline
Revelations from feeble spirt half-lifes
You're the ghost that I was born to know
You're the throat from which the echo's thrown

One day without warning the spirits stopped their warring
The devil ceased imploring
I said banished from my bed
Or had I hallucinated?