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Solillaquists of Sound - As If We Existed Black Guy Peace


  • ISRC:USEP40629106
  • Recorded:2006
  •  ©2006 Anti-
  • Vocals:Alexandrah Santon
  • Vocals:Swamburger
  • Vocals:Tonya Combs
  • Producer:DiViNCi


VERSE 1 (Swamburger)

What happened to your revolution black? All this talk turned ears off the act. Now they pay money for convenience. The fiend is a telemarketer with double meanings for a dream reached inside the seams. The African medallion’s a diamond. X is a spot again marked on the next man’s island. Most activists don’t act yet wanna push towards land with a conglomerate pact. Do this. What’s it gonna take, telling liberty to strip naked and make my freedom shake for nada? We oughta do something worth more than working a living to earn 6 dollars. (nah, I make more than that, dog). Oh my bad, you make 10/

but nine times out of you got broke friends~ and they all got a vice. The bar becomes a prophet of marginal advice. Targeting your type who fall to any hype like, “ Man, you gotta live and let live,” but, the government didn’t listen. You preaching to the wrong kid.

Re-jog your memory~ and do me a favor, remember the real enemy. You’re killing me! I promote peace not a savior with a ballot box youth on the streets. Take a sneak peak~ we’ll see the law go martial. I’ll be opposing with a life long art-show. Consider me radical, loud voice to the cattle folk. Revolution ain’t a song, turn off the radio and let the rest go public. You bought the album but you only get so much from it.


What’s happening? Can’t believe rap done turned to this. Monkey see monkey make a platinum hit cause niggas nowadays be on some strange fruit shit.

(DJ Velore)

Do da Strange Fruit!!

Do da Strange Fruit!!

Do da Strange Fruit!!

Do da Strange Fruit!! [repeat]

VERSE 2 (Alexandrah)

Unrelenting servants scared

To question massa plan.

Culture on the move like chaos,

And people stop taking a stand.

They’re sayin trade is good,

I got no space to complain.

Slavery, it pays okay and

Mostly just to hang, but

Whatcha gonna do with all that mess?

All that mess when there’s no time left?

Whatcha gonna do when time to move

Arrives and put its hands on you?


VERSE 3 (Alexandrah)

Health is a chance to prevent your out-of-sync.

And art is the witness to you making what you think and feel.

Scrutiny be rep for common sense.

Intuition; higher form of reasonable dissent.

Most are content to let it be,

But well-spoken is a savior in the land of silent bravery.


All I wanted was my two front teeth, (turning point)

now I want that and you free. Devastated from the first time I heard of black men hanging in trees yet, we fight the power still with blackface for cheese? Used to live up to the

birth of hip hop now we wear a crucifix and pimp the gift shops. Politics rule over people period. Our position on the pyramid is proof of trained images.


In my hum, my hum, my humble opinion

We have been dumbed down.

My love, my love, my lovely ladies lumped

Into one sum now.

When will you REBEL?

When will you REBEL?

When will you REBEL?