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Solillaquists of Sound - As If We Existed Choices


  • ISRC:USEP40629107
  • Recorded:2006
  •  ©2006 Anti-
  • Vocals:Alexandrah Santon
  • Vocals:Swamburger
  • Vocals:Tonya Combs
  • Producer:DiViNCi



“The Business-Woman, The Artist, & The Phone Call”


Alex: 6 o’clock, wake up

boyfriend’s asleep in bed.

Brush teeth, iron clothes, grab a bite to eat,

Find keys, change for tolls.

Climb into ride, backup and drive down the highway.

Over radio birds and breeze encouraging me to be well on my way.

I’ve made choices in favor for interest of business,

Family reunion connections, vacations traded for

Company retreats, last minute meeting, I’m on call every weekend.

But to save this place worth reworking my quiet-time escapes.


From the Start that i wake I make CHOICES

Convinced that they're all not a sinch these CHOICES

those Voices I listen to sometimes make a mind wanna stop some CHOiCES.

But Choice is all we got

At least we believe we think we got

You'll never know when a choice is chosen until then make a choice to



Swam: Woke up about 2:33. Ain’t nobody else in the house, just me. Turn on the tv for background noise. I’ll take shower in a minute after I eat. I feel like drawing. 2:41, still yawning. The only thing I gotta do today is meet my grandma’s standards of making as an artist this week. Who’s been feeling sick and weak this week. She’s needs a bit more of my visits to accompany the struggle. She’s part of the reason when I paint I include the image of a family in a bubble, huddled in position to escape the world’s puzzle. Although, my concept is love my expression feels muffled. Subtle block kicks in… by the time I’m ready to start my day it’s evening.


S: Hello?

A: Hey, how you doin?

S: Fine.

A: I’m gonna have to stay a little later than planned..

S: Okay, today I got a masterpiece done..

A: Really? That’s..

S: Almost.

A: Great. Well anyway, try to do some laundry..

S: Yeah, yeah- all me but Grandma called and I gotta go..

I should have known. Okay, I’ll see you at home.



“The Soliloquies”

Swam : Off then I go, grandma’s so sick yet every time I leave my girl wants to trip. She keeps it so subtle. Maybe she’s the block? Maybe she’s the reason I leave a lot? Truthfully it hurts. I suffer with work. I wish I could just remember my worth. Before we hooked up life was grand~ma please won’t you notice my stamina’s decreasing.

Alex: Building financial foundation’s not easy,

He thinks that I can’t appreciate family.

Truth is you must use this incorporation an equal rate

To its use of your sanity.

He’s slacking, I’m backing the laziness of starving artistry.

I’m away a great deal because office helps me self-sedate

And return home still half asleep.

S: I gotta stop blaming her for everything.

Gotta stop causing myself to be depressed.

A: I need to breathe, and clear my head.

He’s not the reason I am so stressed.

S: Pick up your life, do it today!

A: Don’t miss the point of this pattern play.

Swam and Alex: Escape the void, escape the noise~

For once I just wish we could make the right choice!



“The House Call”

Swam : I get to grandma’s house and the place looks bare. She called from here, figured I’d walk in anyway. Thinking about the artist that I was supposed to be… before I could walk in guess who drove up..

Alex: I found reason for rearranging all my estranged relationship delays.

Decided to drive to grandma’s house for the sake of acting

On what I’m all about.

Swam and Alex: Let’s go in.

S: Walked inside.. something’s different

A: Hey you think?

S: Wait, just listen..

Anybody home? No answer. The last time I felt like this was…

A: (don’t worry) I’m sure everything’s okay.

What time did you speak with her today?

Was there any tone of worry in all she had to say?

For her to call and not be here, that’s strange.

S: Maybe she’s in the kitchen… nope!

Maybe she’s in the dining room.. uh uh.

Maybe she’s in the bathroom… that either.

Maybe she’s upstairs… yeah.

A: On our way to the 2nd floor

I admit I must communicate acceptance more

Towards your creativity, and we find love responsibly with..

Look, what’s this? A letter? Written that it’s to us, from her~

Swam, Alex, & Grandma: By the time you read this I’ll be in another world. My soul is restless, flesh is limited, giving it I guess that was all that it got… a choice to choose upon a lot of something. All of it or not. Trapped in between life and living. One is a concept the other is living. The meaning of life is not choice but choose who you are as a function to fit a cycle as planned, working as we speak, never ending that which has chosen you to live on and me through each. I wish you the whole of my peace.