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Art Moore

Art Moore

Sam Durkes, Trevor Brooks and Taylor Vick first set out to collaborate with the intended goal of pitching their music for film and television projects. Durkes, a member of Furman’s band, had just completed work on Furman’s soundtrack for the Netflix series Sex Education and knew Brooks through his own work with Furman. The pair were already familiar with Vick, who had established herself as a prolific cult solo artist with Boy Scouts, and asked if she would be interested in assisting for their gestational soundtrack project. The idea of Art Moore, as a band, or Art Moore was still a ways away.

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  • Mon, Sep 12
    Montreal, Canada
    Ezra Furman & Art Moore
  • Tue, Sep 13
    Toronto, Canada
    Ezra Furman & Art Moore
  • Wed, Sep 14
    Ferndale, United States
    Ezra Furman & Art Moore

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