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  • Waxahatchee


    One of the hardest working singer-songwriters in the game is named Katie Crutchfield. She was born in Alabama, grew up near Waxahatchee Creek. Skipped town and struck out on her own as Waxahatchee. That was over a decade ago. Crutchfield says she never knew the road would lead her here, …

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  • Sam Akpro

    Sam Akpro

    Sam Akpro joins forces with ANTI to unveil his collar-grabbing new single 'Death By Entertainment'. This post-punk hellion is a new kind of beast from the London-born artist, a far more melodic turn primed to whip up the mosh pits that await him after the success and wide critical acclaim …

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  • Katy Kirby

    Katy Kirby

    Let's face it: There's no such thing as “real life”. There is only experience and the negotiations we undertake in order to share it with other people. On her second album Blue Raspberry, the New York-based songwriter Katy Kirby dives headlong into the artifice of intimacy: the glitter smeared across …

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