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  • Katy Kirby

    Katy Kirby

    Raised as an evangelical Christian in a small town outside of Austin, Texas where she sang in church services, Katy Kirby moved to Nashville to attend college and began to expand her musical palette and belief systems. She began releasing music in 2018 and announced ‘Cool Dry Place’ in late …

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  • MJ Lenderman

    MJ Lenderman

    MJ Lenderman is a songwriter born and raised in Asheville, North Carolina. The anatomy of an MJ record might go something like this: warped pedal steels and skuzzed out guitar; a voice reminiscent of the high-lonesome warble of a choirboy; the keen observations and reflections of a front stoop philosopher. …

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  • Slow Pulp

    Slow Pulp

    When the members of Slow Pulp discuss Yard, their second full-length record and first for ANTI-, their vocabulary often defaults to synesthetic imagery and sensation.   “We have so many visual cues for how we talk about music,” singer and guitarist Emily Massey says as she stops herself in the middle …

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