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  • Scott McMicken and THE EVER — EXPANDING

    Scott McMicken and THE EVER — EXPANDING

    Scott McMicken thrives on switching things up. As a founding member of Philadelphia rock mainstays Dr. Dog, McMicken and his bandmates consistently explored new sounds and new ways of writing songs across 10 gleefully eclectic albums before their 2021 hiatus. While McMicken has always quietly released solo projects via cassette …

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  • Kate Davis

    Kate Davis

    Kate Davis began her music career as a jazz prodigy who showcased her warm, textured voice and main instrument, the double bass, on recordings of standards as well as on stages including the Kennedy Center as a teen. She began writing her own music as a young adult, later co-penning …

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  • Bonny Doon

    Bonny Doon

    A trio comprised of Bill Lennox (vocals, guitar), Bobby Colombo (vocals, guitar) and Jake Kmiecik (drums), Bonny Doon formed in 2014 and put out a few 7”s before releasing their self-titled debut in 2017. “ ‘Bonny Doon’ is at once jagged and unfinished, languid and detail-oriented, restless and at peace,” …

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