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High Pulp

High Pulp

It’s difficult to pin down Seattle’s High Pulp. In just a few short years, this instrumental band has dabbled in everything from avant-garde jazz to beat-driven R&B to psychedelic synthesizer-heavy electronica.

High Pulp’s story begins in 2017 when the band hosted a weekly jam session at Seattle’s historic jazz club The Royal Room. The venue is owned by Wayne Horvitz, who was a member of the legendary avant jazz group Naked City alongside John Zorn and Bill Frisell. The energy from these sessions became the high-octane infusion that led to their debut album, 2018’s Bad Juice. In that same timeframe, High Pulp’s orbit collided with the likes of Shaina Shepherd, Falon Sierra & JusMoni - three R&B artists & vocalists with whom High Pulp collaborated to co-write the Light Fix EP (November 2019).

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