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Combo Chimbita Ahomale

Combo Chimbita - Ahomale
  • Release date: May 3, 2019
  • Label: Anti/Epitaph
  • Recording location: Strange Weather - Brooklyn, NY
  • Recording year: 2018
  • UPC/EAN Code: 45778766369
  • ©2019 Anti
  • ℗2019 Anti

About Combo Chimbita's Ahomale

Through folkloric mystique, otherworldly psychedelia and a dash of enigmatic punk, the new album Ahomale by Combo Chimbita catapults the sacred knowledge of our forebears into the future. The protagonist of this album whose name is Ahomale possesses the ability to communicate ancestral wisdom through the music,” explained guitarist Niño Lento.

Combo Chimbita’s second studio album and Anti- Records debut sees the visionary quartet drawing from ancestral mythologies and musical enlightenment to unearth the awareness of Ahomale, the album’s cosmic muse. Comprised of lead singer Carolina Oliveros’ mesmeric contralto, illuminating storytelling and fierce guacharaca rhythms, Prince of Queens’ hypnotic synth stabs and grooving bass lines, Niño Lento’s imaginative guitar licks, and Dilemastronauta’s powerful drumming, the lure and lore of Combo Chimbita comes into existence.

“Revelation! The truth and light that is always within us and hides behind our fears… that is Ahomale to me,” Oliveros says. “In this album we were able to connect with our being to add a chapter to our saga. We’re excited to be able to work with people who are connected to our vision and to expand Latin American art!” With the help of producer Daniel Schlett (The War on Drugs, Modest Mouse), the group’s rootsy experimental alchemy and metal strangeness take centerfold. Oliveros howls, yowls and chirps with gut-wrenching emotion. Whether rock - raw and soulful - or bewitching like a shaman in a spiritual ceremony, her voice is always a multifaceted wonder. “Brillo Más Que El Oro (La Bala Apuntándome)” boasts alluring vintage synths that seem to time travel through the lush tropics of yore; then, the mood intensifies when its bridge brilliantly crosses into a spellbinding chant sung in unison: “Y si digo que / Que ahora ya lo se” (“And if I say that I now know”).

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