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The Drums Ambulance

The Drums - Ambulance
  • Release date: December 11, 2020
  • Label: Anti/Epitaph
  • Recording year: 2020
  • UPC/EAN Code: 45778774357
  • ©2020 Anti
  • ℗2020 Anti

About The Drums' Ambulance

"This song was written in a time of spiritual transformation for me,” Pierce said. “The first half is an ode to that all too familiar pattern that has been a mainstay in my life for decades now. That is, to look only outward for love, a sort of a constant, desperate hunt for intimacy as a result of a loveless childhood.”

Jonny Pierce of The Drums has shared the new single “Ambulance”, a song filled with twinkling synths and yearning lyrics. He has also released two remixes of the song by Meat Computer and Brevin Kim.

“The second half of this song marks a new way of living for me,” Pierce continues. “One where I finally understand that I have worth, that I am loved, and that I can love in a wholehearted way. It started one day as I was walking alone on a beach at night in Mexico. I was emotionally and therefore physically exhausted and I felt the need to lay down. Once on my back, and almost involuntarily I started to caress myself. I rubbed my hands all over my chest and arms and softly stroked my hair as a mother might do with her child before bed. My eyes filled with tears and I felt raw love bubble up from inside of me. I believe It was the first time I had experienced what true, unfiltered love felt like and from that moment on this love has just grown and grown. I am stronger, happier, less afraid, and my heart feels full. This song marks the switch."

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