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Saintseneca Book Of The Dead On Sale

Saintseneca - Book Of The Dead On Sale
  • Release date: May 16, 2017
  • UPC/EAN Code: 45778742981

About Saintseneca's Book Of The Dead On Sale

Acclaimed Ohio outfit Saintseneca has unveiled a brand new track today to coincide with their upcoming spring tour kicking off later this week. The song “Book of The Dead” was inspired by none other a semi 'internet famous' kitten named Remi. Frontman Zac Little explains;

“My friend Steva's kitten became semi “internet famous." Remi was a very cute kitten who often spontaneously fell asleep.

Once, Remi fell asleep drinking from a cup of water.

His head was precariously balanced on the rim of the glass, just above the surface of the water. He remained sound asleep in this pose despite the gentle prodding of his caretakers. Finally, Remi's little head bobbed into the water, jolting him awake. He looked around, confused, sheepish, and really cute.

Steva was quick and wise to document the moment of Remi's awakening; watch the vid because it's better than my description.

He posted the phone-video to youtube. The views began to pile up: hundreds, then thousands, hundreds of thousands. It kept going. After it broke a million views, Steva and I were hanging out, marveling at the stats. You could see how many seconds each person actually watched the video.

It got us wondering - collectively just how much time is this?

We crunched the numbers. It was over 3 years - 3.0758498276 years worth of seconds to be precise.

That was more time than Remi had been alive. What a strange thing, the way a moment can balloon out in time.

A moment is played over and over again by masses - a collective investment of consciousness, attention given from all corners of the planet, making a thing bigger than it is - or ever could have been before. What strange things we choose to devote our attention to.

Seems like everything has a number.
A number is a score.

A score is a value.

A value is a price.

A price is cheap, or too expensive to be within reach.

I don't know, I guess at least kittens are cute.”

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