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The Book Of Knots Traineater

The Book Of Knots - Traineater
  • Release date: April 10, 2007
  • Label: Anti/Epitaph
  • Recording year: 2007
  • UPC/EAN Code: 45778685363
  • ©2007 Anti-
  • ℗2007 Anti-
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About The Book Of Knots' Traineater

The second installment from The Book Of Knots is here. With their new full-length Traineater, the New York based quartet of Matthias Bossi, Joel Hamilton, Carla Kihlstedt, and Tony Maimone have ditched schooners and destroyers in favor of mud-caked bulldozers and forklifts. Gone are the squawking seagulls, rotting scows, and whale carcasses of the Earths great oceans, and here to stay are the creaking girders, rusting chains, and grinding gears of the American Rust-Belt. Having marooned themselves in our country's once fabled but now crumbling promised land, the group paints a haunting modern day portrayal of cities like Cleveland, Youngstown, Toledo, and Detroit, places that once were the definition of American motivation, progress, and industry, but now are home to ruined monuments of an era gone by.

Guests such as Carla Bozulich, Megan Reilly, Jon Langford, David Thomas, Mike Watt, and Tom Waits give telling accounts of foremen, assembly linemen, pensioners, and the neglected mining and steel towns they're inextricably linked to. Fans of speaker-bending doom-rock take heed, the maximalist orchestral production of Joel Hamilton and The Book of Knots has returned full force for record number two, with no end to the scraping and swirling guitars, soaring string arrangements, rupturing bass, and plate-shattering drums.

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