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Tricky Vulnerable

Tricky - Vulnerable
  • Release date: May 19, 2003

About Tricky's Vulnerable

Vulnerable. Perhaps not the first word you associate with Tricky.

"People don't think I can make anything but really dark music," he says. "I've had so many things said about me. They've called me 'The Dark Prince' and a madman. But that isn't me. I'm not the devil. I called this album Vulnerable because it's my most honest and open record. On this album I've stopped hiding and I'm allowing people to see different sides of the real me."

Not that Vulnerable is exactly an album of light-headed, sunny pop songs. You will find within its memorable grooves all the complex moods and intricate textures that we have come to expect from Tricky since he made 1995's Maxinquaye, one of the defining records of the last decade.

But this is Tricky as you've never heard him before. Vulnerable and exposed.

Older and wiser, he's learned from his mistakes and there's a new-found maturity to his music-making.

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