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Purr Who Is Afraid Of Blue?

Purr - Who Is Afraid Of Blue?
  • Release date: June 2, 2023
  • Label: ANTI- Records
  • Recording year: 2021
  • UPC/EAN Code: 45778794966
  • ©2023 ANTI- Records
  • ℗2023 Epitaph Records

About Purr's Who Is Afraid Of Blue?

‘Who is Afraid of Blue?’ is not a record about Callahan’s confrontation with a loss of a sense, but it is a record about fear, about trying to outrun loss and longing— it’s knotted up with love. It’s also about the inverse — finding liberation in the blue, in the great wide open, in beginning again. Just as with the title, the lyrics across the record often ask questions of the listener.

Callahan says, “This record ended up being more about writing a sensation than telling a story. Each song has its own specific entry point.”

A departure from the band’s previous releases which saw a light tether to 70s rock with the duo singing in harmony, ‘Blue’ is admirably placeless and timeless, often featuring Staffen and Callahan’s vocals individually. The record doesn’t sit still, spanning a gamut of sonic influence: from the cult songwriters of the 90s, to driving rock, a contemporary spin on ambient shoegaze, and downright country, the record manages to arrive at something so completely whole and so completely its own.

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