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Lost In The Trees - All Alone In An Empty House Love on My Side


  • ISRC:USA2B0863606
  • Recorded:2008
  •  ©2010 Anti Inc.
  • Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Bells, Organ, Harpsichord, Saw, Percussion:Ari Picker
  • Vocals, Accordion, Horn, Piano, Percussion:Emma Nadeau
  • Drums:Scott Carle
  • Tuba, Percussion:Mark Daumen
  • Vocals, Electric Guitar, Baritone Guitar, Bass:Joah Tunnell
  • Cello:Leah Gibson
  • Cello:Drew Anagnost
  • Violin, Viola:Katie Wyatt
  • Violin:Lauren Paynter
  • Violin:Corynn Loebs
  • Viola:Neel-Gopal Sharma
  • Horn:Ken Carle
  • Piano:Will Gibbons


I've got love on my side
I don't want to be blue
So I'll stay true to you
I've got love on my side

We'll I got down on one knee and I told you
That I'd give you my live in this world
We're all going to get old and buried in a hole
But my mortal love, I'll give to you

I've got love songs
I've got songs that make you cry
I've got all the things a man could need
I've got to see life with two eyes
Yes I've got all this love on my side

We'll a man can get beaten down
And walk around with a scare
But if he tries to heal and would never hurt a soul
Please give him the strength of your hand


Well one day I felt your hand slipping
And I felt an unease in your heart
Then the winter killed the spring
And it took your love from me
And your browns faded into the dark


You told me that our love was not enough
I've never hear someone say love was not enough