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Lost In The Trees - All Alone In An Empty House Wooden Walls of this Forest Church


  • ISRC:USA2B0863607
  • Recorded:2008
  •  ©2010 Anti Inc.
  • Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Bells, Organ, Harpsichord, Saw, Percussion:Ari Picker
  • Vocals, Accordion, Horn, Piano, Percussion:Emma Nadeau
  • Drums:Scott Carle
  • Tuba, Percussion:Mark Daumen
  • Vocals, Electric Guitar, Baritone Guitar, Bass:Joah Tunnell
  • Cello:Leah Gibson
  • Cello:Drew Anagnost
  • Violin, Viola:Katie Wyatt
  • Violin:Lauren Paynter
  • Violin:Corynn Loebs
  • Viola:Neel-Gopal Sharma
  • Horn:Ken Carle
  • Piano:Will Gibbons


I follow the path of a white doe
Wooden Walls of this forest church
Protect me from falling stone

What have I learned?
The coward is so concerned
That the sun will come out and burn
All who went out of turn

And I think that you're a lime
You've done just fine
You don't always have to get it right the first time

So I'll follow...