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Os Mutantes - Haih or Amortecedor Baghdad Blues


  • ISRC:BRB0P0900005
  • Recorded:2009
  •  ©2009 Anti Inc. Manufactured And Distributed By Epitaph
  • Vocals, Kier Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Egyptian Oud, Nylon Acoustic Guitar, 12 Strings, Hammond Organ, Cello, Orchestral Arrangements, Percussion, Harmonica:Sergio Dias
  • Drums, Percussion, Vocals:Dinho Leme
  • Vocals, Percussion:Bia Mendes
  • Vocals, Keyboards, Grand Piano, Hammond Organ:Henrique Peters
  • Vocals, Grand Piano:Fabio Recco
  • Percussion, Sound Design:Simone Sou
  • Bass, Piano Bass:Vinicius Junqueira
  • Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitars, Viola Caipira, Flute / Crazy flute, Kawala Flute, Cello, Violin, Clarinet, Keyboards, Orchestral Arrangements:Vitor Trida


Oh Bagdah, rises the moonlight
The lovers… there they are
Everything is garden, sweet jasmine
Junior and Sandy, in there

From Hollywood, one lute
Came to mix it up
We “Os Mutantes”, from today and before
With Mohamed (Ali) there, here, beyond

Ala, oh… Bagdah
The mothers, the brides from there
Children singing loud
With the doves, they
Suck In the wick
of our bombs
Ali Baba, Ali Baba is there

The Oriental Paris, above evil or good
Took the europeans into heavens
With the narghiles, head on their feet
The Dance of the Seven Veils

Hebe Camargo as a Whizard King, to Jesus brings gifts
As to Frei beto, all has it’s measure
But there’s Mohamed (Ali) over there down here, in there
After Sadam Hussein Ala,
Uncle Sam’s wants our jade there
Riping of pour Sheherazade
A thousand and one nights of yours
Leave’s she naked our moonlight
Ali Baba, Ali baba is there